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What is PAVÉFAST?2023-11-15T18:42:53+01:00

A 4 cm-thick grey regenerated polypropylene grid replaces the concrete slab and forms the joints of the paving. Solid granite paving stones are interlocked to make the entire surface suitable for vehicular traffic.

This technique is removable, non-slip and highly draining.

PAVÉFAST is a patented, registered FRENCH product that can be used to create outdoor flooring such as walkways and parking areas, without the need for a concrete slab. PAVÉFAST combines the well-known advantages of “lawn gratings” – strength, load-bearing capacity, ease of installation and low cost – with high-performance technology:

  • T-shaped walls, reinforcement bridges and 96 load-bearing studs per M2.
  • Interlocking solid granite paving stones, flamed, non-slip and non-gelling.
  • Solid, highly resistant technology. (50kg per finished m² and 100 T/M²).
  • Electric, digital or garden hose cables can be routed through the grille.
  • Solar-powered, wireless, waterproof (IP 68), vehicle-accessible beaconing.
  • RAL 7016 lacquered aluminum trim.
  • Easy to create motifs: Rhombuses, vehicle locations …
  • Highly draining technique; 20litres/second/M²!
  • Pavers can be removed for cleaning, guaranteeing lifelong drainability.
  • Possibility of replacing accidentally stained pavers: car oil, plants, acorns…
  • No mortar joints required! No cleaning up to do! No laitance or joints to redo over time!
  • Superb aesthetic rendering.

What’s more, we don’t twist our feet. We roll and walk on granite cobblestones only. Not on the grid, so you don’t slip. (e.g. Lawn grills). The cobblestones are deliberately recessed into the grid for a very attractive effect.

Where do you fit in?2024-05-30T08:23:57+02:00

Our offices and showroom are based in MERIGNAC, GIRONDE (33700). Our warehouses and workshop in BLANQUEFORT (33290).

What are the features of PAVÉFAST?2023-11-15T18:42:15+01:00

On our website you will find a
printable PDF data sheet
with precise specifications. (e.g. resistance, soil preparation).

How is PAVÉFAST packaged?2024-05-30T08:24:35+02:00
  • Paving grid : 50 M² pallet of 100 grids. For 2 grids per M².

Black film pallet, 120 x 80 cm by 215 cm high.

Weight approx. 200Kg per pallet.

  • Solid granite pavers: 24 M² pallet of 48 boxes. To create 24 M² of floor space.

Black film pallet, 120 x 80 cm by 80 cm high.

Weight approx. 860Kg per pallet.

Our PAVÉFAST technique is sold on request by M², i.e. 2 grids and 2 boxes. There is no minimum order.

What is the resistance per M²? Peut-on rouler dessus ?2023-11-15T18:41:36+01:00

PAVÉFAST is designed to be driven over by vehicles. Its very high resistance is 100 T per filled M²! This makes it easy to drive over for firefighters. For information, a car generally weighs less than 2 tons, a fire engine 16 tons and a semi-trailer 33 tons on 10 wheels.

How long does PAVÉFAST last?2023-11-15T18:41:10+01:00

Over 50 years old. Lawn grilles have been around for many years and have proven their durability over time. PAVÉCARROS are made of solid granite +/- 300 million years old, and therefore “HIGHLY DURABLE”.

What are the PAVÉFAST factory warranties?2024-05-30T08:25:08+02:00

The cement-grey PAVÉFAST grille is UV-resistant and comes with a 4-year warranty. PAVÉFAST grids will fade very slightly over time, for an aesthetic finish as close as possible to a traditional cement joint. It’s voluntary.

Where can I see a realization?2023-11-15T18:40:33+01:00

We manufacture PAVÉFAST, so we don’t do any site work. On our website you can see many photos of realizations by private and professional customers in various regions. Don’t be surprised. The vast majority of photos are not retouched. You’ll be able to see exactly what the result will look like, as well as the design and infill options available: Light grey, beige/pink or anthracite granite, natural or synthetic turf, 2/6 aggregate with or without resin.

What kind of floor do I need to install PAVÉFAST?2024-05-30T08:25:39+02:00

PAVÉFAST can only be installed on stabilized ground levelled to – 4 cm from the desired finished surface. The stability and resistance of your floor must be planned according to its nature and the type of vehicle traffic;

  • Installation on stabilized, compacted soil. Geotextile and stonework Ø 10/32 over 15 to 60 cm depending on passage and soil type: minimum 15cm at the weakest point.
  • Parking lots: 15 to 30 cm of stonework.
  • Firefighter access: 30 to 50 cm of gravel.
  • Truck parking: 45 to 60 cm of gravel.
What are the installation times involved?2024-05-30T08:26:10+02:00

If your floor is already stabilized and level, allow around 7/8 hours for the installation of PAVÉFAST grids alone for a 60 m² job. This is for two people. It takes three to four minutes to fill a grid with our PAVÉCARROS. The time required to cut borders varies considerably, depending on the type of cut and the perimeter of your project. As a general rule, you can complete a 100 M² project in 2/3 days, all-inclusive: Preparation, laying, malleting PAVÉFAST and PAVÉCARROS grids and peripheral cut-outs.

How to install PAVÉFAST grilles with PAVÉCARROS and LUMIPAV?2024-05-30T08:26:57+02:00
  • Once the geotextile has been laid (compulsory on the underside of PAVÉFAST), prepare two trestles with a tray(see our installation video).
  • Place your grid on the tray and your cobblestones within easy reach.
  • Using a mallet, lightly tap the PAVÉCARROS into the grid. Take care to place the non-slip side on top.
  • Hold the paving stone while nesting. It takes five or six cobblestones to get the hang of it. After that, it’s child’s play!

PAVÉCARROS deliberately protrude +/- 1.5 mm from the top of the grids. The result is as close as possible to traditional joints. They may vary slightly in size by +/- 2 mm. This is what the grid is for. In some extreme cases, you may need to cut the blocking pad slightly with a cutter. Grids stretch slightly as pavers are fitted together; +/- 1.5 cm per Meter.

  • Don’t fill the grid with cobblestones around the edges, so that you can easily carry it. (Approx. 20 kg per grid, excluding edge blocks). To be positioned alone or with two people. You can pre-fill the grids with PAVÉCARROS at your own pace, even when protected from the elements.
  • After filling, lay and fit the grids, preferably staggered for better hold, starting on the gate side, from left to right and from bottom to top.
  • Insert the clips into the stud (only 1 per stud), at the junction of two grids, holding them in place with your hand and pushing the head of the clip into the notch with the nose of a hammer. (Watch video)
  • Mallet-tighten the junction blocks between grids. Sit on a wheeled crate during this operation. This way, you won’t damage your knees or your back.
  • Peripheral cuts are easily made by slicing the grids with a slicer.
  • Cut paving stones using an angle grinder with an all-materials or natural stone disc. Remember to wear gloves and goggles.

For installation LUMIPAV, you need to choose your locations about 10 centimetres from the outer edge for the best effect. To do this, cut out the central load transfer stud in the grid. Remove the light stud from the lower black casing and glue it only to the 4 inner corners of the grille using a glue cartridge. See video. We recommend a LUMIPAV box every 1.5 to 2 metres.

No concrete to pour. No joints required. No surface cleaning PAVÉFAST can be installed in any weather. Except under two metres of snow !

However, we do not recommend installation below 10° positive.
For a beautiful effect, you can make borders or patterns with different colors of granite, turf or aggregates !

PAVÉFAST can be driven on immediately. And it’s highly draining!

Can I put more paving stones in the PAVÉFAST grids?2024-05-30T08:27:19+02:00

Only our PAVÉCARROS is specifically designed for PAVÉFAST gratings. We offer 3 shades of solid granite: Grey, Beige/Pink and Anthracite.

Beige/pink and light gray PAVÉCARROS can be mixed for a more attractive effect ; preferably 30% gray and 70% beige/pink.
Our pavers are +/- 92 x 92mm by +/-2 cm thick. The grid is designed for this purpose. Granite varies slightly in hue according to the veining of the natural stone. Very little gray and anthracite. Much more on beige/pink granite. The beauty of natural stone ! This is still granite paving, not watchmaking. If you don’t like a cobblestone, save it for the final cuts.

How to dismantle PAVÉFAST for underside access?2024-05-30T08:27:42+02:00

Our PAVÉFAST technique can be dismantled to pass electrical or digital cables, doorbell or gate wires, to unblock an underfloor drain or cut a root, for example. To do this, use a sledgehammer to break off the first Granite block. About 21 hammer blows! Then use a small crowbar to lift the adjacent pavers. Or gently remove a first block with a small flathead screwdriver. Then unbolt the grids from each other. PAVÉFAST grids can be repositioned, and PAVÉCARROS can be retrieved and fitted together again.

What tools are needed for installation?2024-05-30T08:28:09+02:00

In addition to stabilizing your floor, the installation of PAVÉFAST requires :

  • Two trestles and a tray.
  • A slicer for cutting PAVÉFAST grids.
  • A rubber mallet for nesting. An angle grinder, with a disc for all materials, or for natural stone, for cutting kerbstones.
  • A wheelbarrow for transporting cobblestones.
  • Gloves and goggles.
Do I need to build expansion joints?2024-05-30T08:28:24+02:00

PAVÉFAST must be filled with PAVÉCARROS, turf or aggregates.

No expansion joints required!

How do I create my borders?2024-05-30T08:28:48+02:00

There are four main ways to create borders:

  • With large concrete or granite kerbs: for parking lots, for example.
  • With small edgings; available in gray, beige, red/pink… In DIY or materials superstores.
  • With our edgings BORD’EASY 4 cm high and 1 m long. In RAL 7016 lacquered aluminum. The “C”-shaped BORD’EASYs simply slot into the grid. BORD’EASY can be cut to any desired angle using an angle grinder (metal disc).
  • But also wooden sleepers, plus your own decorating ideas…
What should I do if I have a manhole or a manhole cover or a tree tower in the middle of my driveway?2024-05-30T08:29:11+02:00

PAVÉFAST grids are simply and cleanly cut. You may need to raise the height of your existing manhole by 4 cm.

How do you lay PAVÉFAST on a slope?2024-05-30T08:29:33+02:00

The PAVÉFAST load-bearing studs have special holes for anchoring the gratings to the ground in the event of extreme slopes. PAVÉFAST allows slopes of up to 15%.

Most of the time, you won’t need to fix the grilles to the floor. Mass is enough: 50kg/M²! Grids + pavers.

How do you lay PAVÉFAST on a concrete slab?2024-05-30T08:35:38+02:00

BORD’EASY must first be cartridge-glued to the edges of your concrete slab. Make sure your concrete slab has a minimum slope of 1.5cm per metre towards the outside, and drill BORD’EASY holes every 60 cm for rainwater drainage.

The grilles cannot be fixed to the concrete slab, even on flat roofs.

How do you join a flat surface to a slope?2024-05-30T08:30:13+02:00

A cut must be made in the thickness of the 4 cm grid that makes up the slope. For the best result, we recommend positioning the BORD’EASY between the two lines, which will of course have to be re-cut. This is where the flat meets the slope.

What are the differences with “traditional” paving?2023-11-15T18:36:07+01:00

PAVÉFAST requires no concrete slab or mortar bed. Laying concrete or granite pavers on sand for driveways does not comply with DTU standards, nor does it last over time. Laying on a sand bed is not suitable for our PAVÉFAST technique.
PAVÉFAST has no mortar joints that are subject to freezing and thawing, which would have to be redone over time. PAVÉFAST is highly draining, removable and won’t twist your feet.
Our price is very affordable (all finished). No glue, no concrete mixer and no concrete router. No joints to make! No long, back-breaking hours! You can stop or resume your work whenever you like.

Can you recommend an installation company in my area?2023-11-15T18:35:47+01:00

You can install PAVÉFAST yourself, or have it installed by a local mason or earthmoving company.

If you’re a passionate and dynamic outdoor flooring professional… don’t hesitate to contact us!

Where to buy PAVÉFAST?2023-11-15T18:35:24+01:00

Since our three appearances on M6 D&CO with Valérie DAMIDOT and our presence at the Salon INTERNATIONAL DE PARIS ” BATIMAT 2016 et BATIMAT 2019 ” as well as the salon Maison et travaux 2017, you can order directly from our company SOFADES in Bordeaux on the following website contact page of the site. We’ll send you your study by e-mail, along with the quantity you require and the shipping costs.

How much does PAVÉFAST cost?2024-05-30T08:31:03+02:00

PAVÉFAST is one of the most cost-effective techniques available. You can easily obtain all our prices by making a request on our website. Indicate the quantity you require for your project. Allow an additional 5-6% for your PAVÉFAST grid perimeter cut-outs and 3% for PAVÉCARROS Granit. On request, we can calculate the quantity of grating and paving stones required, including offcuts and cuts (Calepinage), free of charge, with the help of a dimensional drawing.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

How do I get PAVÉFAST delivered?2024-05-30T08:31:26+02:00

Delivery is made to your home or worksite using a 19-ton hatchback truck and a manual pallet truck. Provide a place for pallets or help with delivery. Delivery by truck with crane is only possible on special request. We will provide you with a quotation, including your specific requirements, for your prior approval. Our carrier will contact you a few days in advance to help you organize your delivery.

How long does it take to receive my PAVÉFAST?2023-11-15T18:34:20+01:00

Lead times vary according to our production schedule and the time of year. In general, please allow 3 to 8 weeks for production after receipt of your order. Anticipate your order before spring to plan your delivery period in advance. Timescales can vary greatly depending on the period. Sometimes more than 16 weeks!

How do I pay for PAVÉFAST?2023-11-15T18:33:51+01:00

At the time of order, a deposit of 50%, including VAT, is required by cheque or bank transfer.
The balance is paid by bank transfer before shipment.

How can I cut delivery costs?2024-05-30T08:31:52+02:00
  • Unfortunately, transport costs are becoming increasingly onerous. If you wish, you can use the carrier of your choice.
  • Pick up your PAVÉFAST directly from our warehouses in Gironde (33).
Do you deliver to countries other than France?2024-05-30T08:32:14+02:00

Yes, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland on a regular basis.

For other countries, depending on quantity, please ask us.

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