Our highly draining, driveable technique consists of a 4 cm thick grid into which solid granite paving stones are inserted.

  • Drainage technique for LIFE.

  • High strength 100 tons/m².
  • Easy to install, with no need for cement or joints.
  • Flamed solid granite pavers, 2 cm thick, non-slip.
  • Easily dismantled for access to the underside. Wiring, pipes, roots…
  • Adapts to ground configuration, slopes or garage downspouts (15%).
  • Ideal for snow-covered regions.
  • A wide range of decors can be created.
  • PAVÉCARROS are available in three shades of granite: gray, beige/pink and anthracite.
  • Dallage pavé granit autobloquant

The PAVÉFAST grid is laid on a stabilized surface.
4cm thick and suitable for vehicles.
Minimum 15cm gravel and geotextile.
No need for a concrete slab. Load resistance 100 tons/m².
High-strength, durable grille: UV-resistant polypropylene.
PAVÉFAST is easy to assemble using snap-together technology.
Flamed solid granite pavers: PAVÉCARROS.
Non-gelling and non-slip.
Firm fitting of PAVÉCARROS using a mallet.
No joints to be made: the grid makes the joints.
Drainage technique suitable for slopes up to 15%.
Quick and easy to install: 60m² finished / day for 2 people (excluding perimeters).
PAVÉFAST / PAVÉCARROS cut-outs using an angle grinder.
No concrete mixer, no extra tools, no clean-up required.
All-season dry installation. Minimum 10° positive.
Can be walked on immediately after installation.
Can be dismantled for access to pipes.
Traditional, high-end cobblestone aesthetics!