A 4 cm-thick grey regenerated polypropylene grid replaces the concrete slab and forms the joints of the paving. Solid granite paving stones are interlocked to make the entire surface suitable for vehicular traffic.

This technique is removable, non-slip and highly draining.

PAVÉFAST is a patented, registered FRENCH product that can be used to create outdoor flooring such as walkways and parking areas, without the need for a concrete slab. PAVÉFAST combines the well-known advantages of “lawn gratings” – strength, load-bearing capacity, ease of installation and low cost – with high-performance technology:

  • T-shaped walls, reinforcement bridges and 96 load-bearing studs per M2.
  • Interlocking solid granite paving stones, flamed, non-slip and non-gelling.
  • Solid, highly resistant technology. (50kg per finished m² and 100 T/M²).
  • Electric, digital or garden hose cables can be routed through the grille.
  • Solar-powered, wireless, waterproof (IP 68), vehicle-accessible beaconing.
  • RAL 7016 lacquered aluminum trim.
  • Easy to create motifs: Rhombuses, vehicle locations …
  • Highly draining technique; 20litres/second/M²!
  • Pavers can be removed for cleaning, guaranteeing lifelong drainability.
  • Possibility of replacing accidentally stained pavers: car oil, plants, acorns…
  • No mortar joints required! No cleaning up to do! No laitance or joints to redo over time!
  • Superb aesthetic rendering.

What’s more, we don’t twist our feet. We roll and walk on granite cobblestones only. Not on the grid, so you don’t slip. (e.g. Lawn grills). The cobblestones are deliberately recessed into the grid for a very attractive effect.