The PAVEFAST solution

It is a 4cm thick drivable grid in which solid Granite pavers fit together.
Its simplicity of implementation,
Its high resistance,
Its solid and non-slip Granite pavers,
Its draining technique,
The possibility of creating many decorations, allows to carry out durably and in beauty, all the projects of alleys, car parks, places, terraces, sidewalks, towers of swimming pools …

A grid, cobblestones, a mallet

The PAVEFAST grid is placed on a previously stabilized ground.
4cm thick and suitable for vehicles.
Minimum 15cm stonework and geotextile.
No need for a concrete slab. Load resistance 100 tons / m².
High resistance and durable grid: Polypropylene treated anti UV.
Very simple assembly of PAVEFAST by interlocking and clipping.
Flamed solid granite pavers: PAVECARROS.
Non-freezing and non-slip.
Firm nesting of PAVECARROS using a mallet.
No joints to be made: the grid makes the joints.
Draining technique suitable for slopes up to 15%.
Quick and easy installation: 60m² finished / day for 2 people (excluding outskirts).
Cutting PAVEFAST / PAVECARROS with an angle grinder.
No concrete mixer, no additional tools, no cleaning to be carried out.
Dry installation in all seasons. Minimum 5 °C positive.
Walkable immediately after installation.
Can possibly be dismantled for access to pipelines.
High-end traditional paver aesthetic!