1. What is PAVEFAST?
    It is a gray polypropylene grid, 4 cm thick, which replaces the concrete slab, and makes the joints of the paving. Massive granite pavers are interlocked there to make the whole suitable for vehicles. This technique is removable, non-slip and highly draining.

PAVEFAST is a FRENCH product, patented and registered model, allowing exterior floors to be made of driveways, parking lots, without a prior concrete slab. PAVEFAST takes the well-known advantages of “lawn grids”, resistance, bearing capacity, ease of use, low cost, and by bringing an innovative technicality;

  • “T” walls, reinforcement bridges and 96 load transfer studs.
  • Interlocking of solid granite pavers, flamed, non-slip and non-freezing.
  • Massive and very resistant technique. (50kg finished per finished m² and 100 T / M²).
  • Possibility of passage of electric or digital cables in the thickness of the grid.
  • Solar wireless luminescent beaconing, waterproof (IP 68) and suitable for vehicles.
  • Finishing borders.
  • Very simple realization of decorations. (Diamonds, vehicle locations …)
  • Highly draining technique. Possible disassembly of the pavers, allowing possible cleaning, and thus guaranteeing drainability for life.
  • Possibility of replacing accidentally stained pavers. (Car oils, Resins …)
  • No mortar joints to be made! No cleaning to do! No laitance and no joints to redo over time!
  • Superb aesthetic rendering.

In addition, we do not twist our feet. We only drive and walk on granite cobblestones. Not on the grid, preventing you from slipping. (Ex lawn grates). The cobblestones are deliberately increased in thickness from the grid for a very nice effect.

  1. Where are you located?
    Our company, office and showroom, is based in MERIGNAC in GIRONDE (33700). Our warehouses and workshop in BLANQUEFORT (33290).
  1. What are the characteristics of PAVEFAST?
    You will find on our site a technical sheet in printable PDF with all the precise characteristics. (Ex; Resistance, soil preparation …).
  1. What is the packaging?
  • PAVEFAST grid (50 square meters pallets) or 100 PAVEFAST grids. Or 2 grids per square meter. Filmed pallet 120 x 80 cm by 2.15 m in height. Weight of approximately 200Kg per pallet.
  • Pallet of solid granite paving stones (PAVECARROS) 48 boxes to achieve 24 square meters of useful surface. 120 X 80 cm filmed pallet by 0.80 M high. Weight of approximately 860Kg per pallet.
  1. Do you have other models than the current PAVEFAST grid?
    Currently we only manufacture the “ATRIUM” model. Following our visits to M6 D&CO with Valérie DAMIDOT and our presence at the INTERNATIONAL PARIS “BATIMAT 2019” fair as well as the 2017 Home and Works fair, we will later launch two other grid patterns.
  1. What is the resistance to square meter? Can we ride on it?
    PAVEFAST is designed to be suitable for vehicles. Its resistance is 100 tons per square meter filled! Which is very substantial and therefore drivable for access to firefighters. For information, a car generally weighs less than 2 tons, a fire truck 16 tons and a semi-trailer 33 tons on 10 wheels.
  1. What is the lifespan of the PAVEFAST technique?
    Over 40 years old. Lawn-type grates have been around for many years and have proven to be resistant over time. The PAVECARROS are made of solid granite, so “HIGH DURABILITY”.
  1. What are the PAVEFAST factory guarantees?
    The cement gray PAVEFAST grid is anti-UV treated with a 4-year guarantee. PAVEFAST grids will fade very slightly over time for an aesthetic rendering as close as possible to a traditional cement joint. It is voluntary.
  1. Where can I see an achievement?
    We are the manufacturer of PAVEFAST and therefore do not do any work. You can see on our site many photos of realizations by private and professional clients in different regions. Do not be surprised. We have intentionally retouched some photos. Our clients are not, of course, all professional photographers. You can thus see very precisely the result and the possibilities of decorations and filling according to your choice of shade; Light gray, Stone beige or Anthracite. We also offer a presentation board for our Granites in three shades.
  1. Which floor do I need to have to lay the PAVEFAST?
    PAVEFAST can only be installed on a previously stabilized and leveled floor – 4 cm from the desired finished floor. The stability and resistance of your ground must be planned according to its nature and the type of vehicle passage;

Installation on stabilized and compacted soil

  • Car parkings
  • Firefighter access
  • Truck parking

Geotextile and Stonework Ø 10/32 over 15 to 60 cm depending on the passage and nature of the soil

15 to 30 cm of stones.
30 to 50 cm of stones.
45 to 60 cm of stones.

  1. What are the exposure times to plan?
    If your floor is already stabilized and leveled, allow about 7/8 hours for the installation of PAVEFAST grids alone for a 60 square meters site. This to two people. It takes three to four minutes to fill a grid with our PAVECARROS. The time for cutting the edges is very variable depending on the cuts and the perimeter of your production. As a general rule, you will carry out a 100 M² site in 2/3 days all inclusive: Preparation, installation, fitting of PAVEFAST grids and PAVECARROS with a mallet, peripheral cutouts.
  1. How to install PAVEFAST grids with PAVECARROS and LUMIPAV?
    After placing the geotextile (Mandatory on the underside of the PAVEFAST), prepare two trestles with a tray. (See our implementation video).
  • Place your grid on the board and your pavers within easy reach.
  • Use a mallet to fit the PAVECARROS gently into the grid. Take care to place the non-slip side on it.
  • Hold the pad during nesting. It takes five or six cobblestones to get the hang of it. After that, it’s child’s play! The PAVECARROS voluntarily protrude more or less 1.5 mm from the top of the grids. This for a rendering as close as possible to traditional joints. The grids stretch slightly with the interlocking of the pavers; About 1.5cm per Meter.
  • Do not fill the grid with cobblestones around the edges in order to have a grip for easy carrying. (Approximately 20 kg per grid without edge pavers). To be positioned alone or with two people. The grids can be filled in advance with PAVECARROS by you, at your own pace and even protected from bad weather.
  • Place and fit the grids aligned or staggered for a better hold by starting from the gate side and from left to right and from bottom to top.
  • Fit the clips (1 or two per studs) by holding them with your hand by pushing them at the head of the clips, into the notch, using a hammer.
  • Fit the junction blocks between the grids with a mallet. Sit on a caster wheel during this operation. This way you won’t damage your knees or your back.
  • Make the peripheral cuts, very simply, by cutting grids and pavers together with an angle grinder, on your plate. Consider putting on protective gloves and goggles.
  • Make the cuts for the pavers with an angle grinder with an all-material disc. For the installation of LUMIPAV (In white or blue) you must choose your locations about 10 centimeters from the outer border for a nice effect. To do this, cut the central load transfer stud in the grid with a slicer. Glue the boxes with a glue material cartridge. We recommend a LUMIPAV box every 1.5 to 2 meters away.

No concrete to pour. No joints to be made. No surface cleaning. PAVEFAST, with our PAVECARROS, arises in all weathers. Except under two meters of snow!
However, we do not recommend an installation below 10 ° positive.
For a beautiful achievement, you can make borders or patterns of different colors of Granite.
PAVEFAST is suitable for vehicles immediately. And it’s highly draining!

  1. Can I put other pavers in the PAVEFAST grids?
    Only our PAVECARROS are specifically designed for PAVEFAST grilles. We offer 3 shades of solid granite: Gray, Stone beige and Anthracite. The stone beige and light gray PAVECARROS can be mixed for a more beautiful effect.
    Our pavers are 92 x 92mm by 2cm thick. But they can vary slightly by +/- 2 mm and color. It’s still paving, not watchmaking. If you don’t like a paver, save it for the final cuts.
  1. How to dismantle the PAVEFAST for access from the underside?
    Our PAVEFAST technique can be dismantled, for passing an electric or digital cable, doorbell or gate wires, to unblock a pipe on the underside or cut a root for example. To do this, use a hammer to break the first granite paving stone. About 20 hammer blows! Then using a small crowbar, lift the adjacent pavers. Then remove the grids between them. The PAVEFAST grids are repositionable and the PAVECARROS can be recovered to be nested again.
  1. What tools are needed for installation?
    Apart from stabilizing your soil, the installation of PAVEFAST requires:
  • A slicer for cutting PAVEFAST grids.
  • A rubber mallet for casing.
  • An angle grinder, with an all-material disc, for cutting edge pavers.
  • A wheelbarrow for transporting paving stones.
  • Gloves and protective goggles.
  1. Do I need to make expansion joints?
    The PAVEFAST should only be filled with PAVECARROS. No expansion joints to be made!
  1. How do I make my borders?
    You can make your borders in four main ways:
  • With large curbs (sidewalk style) P2 : for parking lots for example.
  • With small borders; Available in gray, beige, red / pink … In DIY stores.
  • With our BORD’EASY borders, 4 cm high and 1 m long. The “T” BORD’EASY are to be fixed with 100 mm spikes in your floor and can be breakable to form an “L” in the case of installation in edges on concrete slabs. In this case, fix the BORD’EASY with “Ankles to hit”. BORD’EASY can be cut with a simple pliers to make curves. BORD’EASY include an upper finishing ring to be positioned and glued at the end of the work.
  • The grids can also be cut into strips to form surrounding borders. But also wooden sleepers, plus your own decorating ideas.
  1. What should I do if I have a manhole cover or a manhole or a tree tower in the middle of my driveway?
    All you have to do is cut out the PAVEFAST grids simply and cleanly. You may eventually need a 4cm extension for your existing manhole.
  1. How to lay PAVEFAST on a slope?
    There are reservation holes in the PAVEFAST runners provided for this purpose which will allow you to anchor the PAVEFAST to the ground. PAVEFAST allows slopes of 15%. Most of the time you won’t need to secure the grates to the floor. The mass is enough: 40kg / square meter ! Grid + pavers.
  1. How to lay the PAVEFAST on a concrete slab?
    You must first fix the EASY BORDERS on the edges of your concrete slab with “knock-in plugs”. Think about the minimum slope of your concrete slab, of 1.5cm per Ml, towards the outside, for rainwater drainage. The grilles do not attach to the slab, nor in the case of a roof terrace.
  1. How to make the connection between a flat and a slope?
    A cut must be made in the thickness of the 4 cm of the grid that makes the slope. For a nice achievement, we advise you to position BORD’EASY between the two lines, which will of course need to be cut. This at the junction between the flat and the slope.
  1. What are the differences with a “traditional” paving?
    PAVEFAST does not require a concrete slab or a bed of sealing mortar. The laying on sand of concrete or granite pavers, for a driveway, do not comply with DTU standards, nor durable over time. Laying on a sand bed is not suitable for our PAVEFAST technique.
    PAVEFAST has no mortar joints which fear freezing and thawing, and which would have to be redone over time. PAVEFAST is highly draining, removable, and you do not twist your feet.
    Our price is very affordable (all finished). No glue, no concrete mixer or concrete mixer. No joints to be made! No long hours of breaking your back! You can stop or resume your site whenever you want.
  1. Could you recommend a fitting company in my area?
    You can easily install the PAVEFAST yourself. We are currently developing a network of approved applicators throughout France and overseas departments and territories, Belgium and Luxembourg. Do not hesitate to consult us for an installation in your department. Our approved applicator partner can very simply do a free study for you and give you good advice; Aesthetics and colors, patterns, light markings … If you are a passionate and dynamic Professional … join us! On the other departments, a mason craftsman or an earthmoving company near you will be able to make you, a stabilized ground, and the very simple installation of PAVEFAST.
  1. Where to buy PAVEFAST?
  • Directly from our company SOFADES in Bordeaux on the contact page of the site. We will send you your study by email, with the quantity you want, as well as the shipping costs.
  1. What are the PAVEFAST prices?
    PAVEFAST is one of the most economical techniques in terms of quality / price. You can easily obtain all of our prices by making a request on our website Indicate the quantity you want for your project. Allow an additional 5 to 6% for your peripheral PAVEFAST grid cuts and 3% for the PAVECARROS Granit. We can free of charge, on your request, and using a side plan, calculate the quantity required, grids and paving stones, including offcuts and cuts (Layout). Do not hesitate to contact our technical service.
  1. How to get the PAVEFAST delivered?
    Delivery is made to your home or on site with a 16 Tons tailgate truck and a manual pallet truck. Provide a location for pallets or help with delivery. Delivery with a truck with crane, only on your special request. We will offer you a quote, with your specifics, for your prior acceptance. Our carrier will contact you a few days in advance to help you organize your delivery.
  1. What are the deadlines for delivery of my PAVEFAST?
    The times vary depending on our manufacturing schedule and the time of year. In general, allow 3 to 8 weeks for your production after receipt of your order. Anticipate your order before spring to plan your delivery period in advance. The deadlines can be very variable depending on the period. Sometimes more than 16 weeks!
  1. What are the payment terms for PAVEFAST?
    When ordering, a deposit of 50%, including all taxes, is requested by check or transfer.
    The balance of the payment is made by transfer before shipment.
  1. How to reduce the cost of delivery?
  • Transport costs are unfortunately becoming more and more expensive. If you wish, you can take the carrier of your choice. We do not impose a carrier on you for your delivery.
  • Pick up your PAVEFAST directly from our warehouses in the Gironde.

30. Do you deliver to countries other than France?
Yes, Belgium and Switzerland. The other COUNTRIES, depending on the quantity, ask us for it.


It is Aesthetic, Economical, Draining, Non-slip, Without joints to achieve, Durable and adaptable to all your outdoor flooring projects!

SOFADES 3, Rue Albert EINSTEIN 33700 MERIGNAC FRANCE Phone : 05 56 97 05 19 Fax : 05 56 12 53 97